2020 Sekt Muskat Ottonel


The Muskat Ottonel sparkling wine 2020, made using the champagne method, impresses with the typical nutmeg bouquet and seductive aromas of lychee, elderflower, orange and mango. Perfectly chilled, a feast for every occasion!

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Product Details

Vintage: 2020
Grape Variety: Muskat Ottonel
Vinification: Steel Tank
Alcohol: 11,5%
Serving Temperature: 6-8°C
Acidity: 5,8g/l
Residual Sugar: 6g/l
Volume: 750ml
Contains Sulphites


The Muskat Ottonel Sekt 2020 is an excellent pure sparkling wine made from the Muscat Ottonel grape. The classic bottle fermentation, also known as the Champagne method, gives it its fine bubbles and outstanding quality. The nutmeg bouquet typical of the variety unfolds with floral lilac accents and seductive aromas of lychee, accompanied by notes of elderflower, orange and mango. This unique flavor combination makes it a real treat. When perfectly chilled, the Muscat Ottonel sparkling wine is a perfect companion to warm temperatures and is suitable for any time of day or night. Whether as an aperitif or as a highlight for special occasions, this sparkling wine promises a feast for the senses.

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