The Winery on Top of the Salzberg

A place to be – a place to grow

“We” reigns supreme here. We combine the indispensable knowledge of tradition with the modern findings of the next generation. What has grown from this are great wines. Our vineyards are located on around 40 hectares of the unique Neusiedlersee wine-growing region, including the legendary Altenberg and Salzberg vineyards. The soil gives the potential. We provide natural, attentive care. Fresh, fruity white wines, strong, dense red wines and extract-rich sweet wines are the precious result. Here you will find happiness and glass.

The Family

The next generations

In the middle of the picturesque vineyards of the Allacher winery, not only the love of wine comes together, but also the love of a family that is characterized through and through by passion and dedication.

This close bond and collaboration within the family gives every drop of wine from the Allacher winery a special touch. Every bottle tells the story of a family that produces their unique wines with passion and a cross-generational love of viticulture

Familie Allacher

The Team

The wind at your back

Our dedicated team is the heart of the Allacher winery. With passion and dedication, they work together to bring our viticulture to life. Each team member contributes an important role and strives tirelessly to achieve the best results. From the natural handling of our grapes in the vineyard to the careful storage and dedicated sales – they all share the same passion for our wine. Together we create a team that realizes our vision and produces unique wines of the highest quality.