2021 Blaufränkisch


Clean, subtle blackberry-elderberry nose, voluminous body with a firm structure

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Vintage: 2021
Grape Variety: Blaufränkisch
Vinification: Steel Tank
Alcohol: 14%
Serving Temperature: 16-18°C
Acidity: 4,9g/l
Residual Sugar: 1,9g/l
Volume: 750ml
Contains Sulphites


Ruby red with a delicate cherry edge; clean, subtle blackberry-elderberry nose, voluminous body with a firm structure; ripe, soft tannins; Taste of dark chocolate at the end


The grapes were harvested by hand and selected immediately. Only the most beautiful and best grapes were further processed. The Blaufränkisch grapes were destemmed and placed in a stainless steel mash tank. After a cold maceration of 3 days, yeast was added and fermentation began. The mash was submerged 6-8 times daily. This is particularly important with the Blaufränkisch variety, so that the Blaufränkisch retains its typical flavor and the color is leached from the grape skins. The fermentation lasted 8 days. After fermentation, the wine remained on the mash for another 12 days. The Blaufränkisch was then pressed and biological acid fermentation was initiated. Here, lactic acid bacteria convert the rough malic acid into milder lactic acid and the overall acid content is reduced. The expansion took place 70% in stainless steel tanks and 30% in used barriques. After 6 months, the wine was put back into a stainless steel tank, filtered and then bottled.

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